In-Home Hearing Aid Services

Otoscopic Ear Inspection

Audiometric Hearing Examination

The Ear Man provides comprehensive and convenient in-home hearing aid services to our patients.

Using calibrated and portable equipment we accurately examine your hearing, make precise sound adjustments to your hearing aids, and provide complete aftercare services.

Services Include:

  • Hearing Examinations
  • Hearing Aid Analysis
  • Sound Adjustments
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • New Hearing Aids

Retirement Community Services

Our mobile hearing aid services visits retirement communities and provides complimentary on-site service centers for their residents.

  • Hearing Screenings
  • Check Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance
The Ear Man's In-Home Hearing Aid Service - Hearing Aid Service Center

Hearing Aid Service Center

Hearing Aids Adjusted in Your Natural Setting

We Adjust Your Hearing Aids While You Are:

Watching TV

To bring you the clearest understanding of speech with the most natural sound quality, we adjust your hearing aids using the acoustics of your home during everyday situations.

The Ear Man adjusts your hearing aids sound where you do most of your listening… in your home!

Conversing with Family and Friends

Talking on Telephone

Convenient Services

Hearing aids require multiple professional visits, starting with an initial exam and continuing through aftercare. For many individuals making multiple trips to an office for these necessary services is a difficult and often an impossible task.

To make hearing aids and aftercare services convenient we bring our 40 year hearing aid expertise right to your doorstep!

We make personal house calls and provide retirement communities with services for their residents.

Perfect For Individuals With:

  • Limited Mobility
  • Transportation Difficulties
  • Busy Schedules
The Ear Man In-Home Hearing Aid Services

All in The Comfort of Your Home!

The Importance of Aftercare Services

The Ear Man In-Home Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Maintenance

To keep your hearing aids sounding great, operating at peak performance, and to avoid costly repairs, aftercare service is necessary.

The Ear Man’s patients receive an unparalleled, continuous and comprehensive in-home aftercare service.

This includes routine maintenance to ensure hearing aids continue to operate at peak efficiency, hearing exams to monitor hearing, and sound adjustments as hearing needs change.

Personalized Hearing Aid Selection

We Select the Best Hearing Aids for You!

As an independent multi-lined practice we do not promote or sell one brand, style or technology of hearing aid, because no single product is best for everyone. Instead we specially select hearing aids for each individual’s particular needs and personal preferences from a large selection of quality products.

The World’s Leading Manufacturers

All Styles

Newest Micro-Chip Technologies

About Us

Serving South Florida for 40 Years

We are Roy and Debbie Binder, owners of The Ear Man Inc., a family owned and operated practice serving South Florida for more than 40 years. We are both Florida state licensed Hearing Aid Specialists, Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, and long-standing members of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and the International Hearing Society.

Because we are an independent multi-lined practice, we specially select hearing aids for each individual’s particular needs, from a large selection of quality products. And with our dedicated mobile practice, patients receive an unparalleled, continuous, and comprehensive service all in the comfort of their home.

You’ll appreciate working with the Binder family, where our top priority will always be our patients’ satisfaction. Best of all, patients will enjoy dealing with the same person every time, for years to come.

The Ear man In-Home Hearing Aid Service
Roy Binder


Debra Binder


Hearing Aid Specialists
Board Certified in
Hearing Instrument Sciences