You’ll Love Our In-Home Service

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To receive the most benefits from hearing aids, their sound must be precisely adjusted (programmed).

This process takes five office visits, on average.

Aside from the inconvenience of making multiple trips, there are inherent problems with programming hearing aids in a professional’s office. When sound is calibrated in an office, the sound quality is optimized for the dimensions and acoustics of the office itself. This programming cannot take into account the, dimensions, acoustics, and ambient noise of where you spend most of your time: your home.

Our nearly 40 years’ experience in optimizing the sound quality of our patient’s hearing aids has taught us that the absolute best way to have hearing aids programmed is in your own home, while you are listening to your own television and radio, or while talking on your telephone and conversing with family and friends. Your ability to experience better hearing and understand speech improves significantly you’re your hearing aids are programmed in a home environment.

The Ear Man’s In-Home Hearing Aid Service brings 39 years of hearing aid experience right to your doorstep.

  • Receive exceptional sound quality by programming hearing aids where you spend most of your time: in your home. Hearing aids will be programmed while you are listening to your T.V., or Radio, talking on your telephone and conversing in your living environment.
  • Flexible evening and weekends hours are offered and are particularly well-suited for the patients who work, have busy schedules, or whose family may want to participate with their relatives’ hearing needs.