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Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

Depression-450Regardless of age, untreated hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact nearly every dimension of the human experience, including: physical health, emotional and mental health, perceptions of mental acuity, social skills, family relationships, self-esteem as well as work and school performance.

Several reports show that untreated hearing loss is associated with higher risks of many serious problems, including:

  • • Depression
  • • Falling with Injuries
  • • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • • Social isolation and Loneliness
  • • Loss of Income

For the senior population, and working individuals, making multiple trips for hearing exams, hearing aid delivery, fitting modifications, sound adjustments, and aftercare services is an arduous and often impossible task. Despite a genuine need, options for a dedicated in-home hearing aid service are minimal.

The Ear Man recognizes the importance of making hearing aids and hearing aid services as easy to obtain as possible. We have dedicated our 40 years of experience to fill the growing need for in-home hearing aid services. In doing so, we make house calls and provide hearing aids and all hearing aid related care to patients unable to make repeated office visits. To help individuals live fuller lives, we bring our 40 Years of hearing aid experience right to your doorstep!


Our Services:

The Ear Man offers a complete range of hearing-aid related services, from a hearing evaluation and hearing aid selection, fitting and programming, to a complete hearing aid aftercare program including orientation, maintenance and repairs, all in the comfort of your home. All services are provided by experienced hearing-aid specialists, board certified in hearing instrument sciences.

Hearing Evaluation:

Comprehensive Case History: We start with a comprehensive hearing case history, which includes a medical history of your ears, hearing aid history, and the impact hearing loss is having on you and those around you.

Otoscopy: Using a medical device called an otoscope, we perform a visual inspection of the outer ear, the ear canal and the eardrum to determine if there are any obstructions impeding hearing or abnormalities that require medical referral.

Audiometric Air and Bone Conduction Threshold Measurements: Performed using state-of-the-art calibrated, portable instrumentation, these tests precisely measure your hearing threshold – the softest sounds you can reliably hear. This procedure helps determine if there is a hearing loss, the degree of the loss, and in which portion of the ear the loss is taking place. These tests also help determine whether hearing aids or a medical referral is in order.

Speech Recognition Testing: To determine how hearing loss is affecting your ability to discern speech, unaided speech recognition testing is given. Aided speech recognition is then given and compared to the un-aided scores to determine the benefits of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Selection, Programming and Fitting:

Selection: Based on your hearing loss, case history, lifestyle, vision, dexterity and personal preferences, we present the best hearing aid solutions, chosen from a large variety of quality manufacturers, technologies and styles.

Programming: To ensure the highest sound quality, and to maximize your ability to understand speech we fine-tune the sound of your hearing aids where you spend the most of your time: in your own home. We do this while you talk with family, watch television, listen to the radio, or converse on the telephone.

We make sure that the sound quality of your own voice is comfortable while maintaining comfortable levels of surrounding sound.

Custom Fitting: When required, we take impressions of your ears to create comfortable, custom-fitted hearing aids and ear molds. All fittings are carefully inspected to ensure comfort and if necessary we modify the fitting right in your home.

Hearing Aid Orientation: We provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to properly wear your hearing aids, use them effectively, maintain them properly, and replace or recharge their batteries.

After Care Services

Comprehensive Service Program: We offer our patients a comprehensive service program. This plan includes a hearing aid maintenance schedule to ensure the instruments continue to operate at peak efficiency and avoid costly repairs. It also includes annual hearing exams and reprogramming of the hearing aids’ prescriptions as needed.

Repairs: We offer minor hearing aid repairs, ear mold production, and fitting modifications all in the comfort of your home. Occasionally, when hearing aids need major repairs or their components need to be replaced, we assist by sending hearing aids to the original manufacturer for service and deliver them to you when the repairs are completed.

Batteries, Assistive Listening Devices and Accessories: We offer a complete selection of hearing aid batteries, restocked monthly to ensure freshness. We also offer a complete line of hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices.

You’ll Love Our In-Home Service

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To receive the most benefits from hearing aids, their sound must be precisely adjusted (programmed).

This process takes five office visits, on average.

Aside from the inconvenience of making multiple trips, there are inherent problems with programming hearing aids in a professional’s office. When sound is calibrated in an office, the sound quality is optimized for the dimensions and acoustics of the office itself. This programming cannot take into account the, dimensions, acoustics, and ambient noise of where you spend most of your time: your home.

Our nearly 40 years’ experience in optimizing the sound quality of our patient’s hearing aids has taught us that the absolute best way to have hearing aids programmed is in your own home, while you are listening to your own television and radio, or while talking on your telephone and conversing with family and friends. Your ability to experience better hearing and understand speech improves significantly you’re your hearing aids are programmed in a home environment.

The Ear Man’s In-Home Hearing Aid Service brings 39 years of hearing aid experience right to your doorstep.

  • Receive exceptional sound quality by programming hearing aids where you spend most of your time: in your home. Hearing aids will be programmed while you are listening to your T.V., or Radio, talking on your telephone and conversing in your living environment.
  • Flexible evening and weekends hours are offered and are particularly well-suited for the patients who work, have busy schedules, or whose family may want to participate with their relatives’ hearing needs.

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Roy Binder, H.A.S., BC-HIS, A.C.A.
Debra Binder, H.A.S., BC-HIS
Hearing Aid Specialists
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Specializing in Hearing Aids for 39 Years

About us

As a team, Roy and Debbie Binder, owners of The Ear Man, have a combined expertise in the hearing healthcare profession of more than 65 years. Roy and Debbie are both Florida state licensed hearing-aid specialists, board certified in hearing instrument sciences, and long standing members of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals, and the International Hearing Society and have recently become an associate member with the Home Care Association of Florida.

Because they are a multi-lined practice they do not promote or sell one brand, style or technology of hearing aid as being best for everyone. Instead they specially select hearing aids for each individual’s particular needs, from a large selection of quality products. They continue their individualized care by custom fitting hearing aids to their patients’ ears for comfort and cosmetic appeal. Then they precisely adjust the hearing aids sound so that their patients can best understand speech under all conditions and enjoy a natural sound quality.

To ensure patient satisfaction the Binders provide their patients with an acclimation period of up to 45 days. If they are not completely satisfied, they can either try another product, or return the product for a refund less fitting fees.

All patients receive an unparalleled, continuous, and comprehensive aftercare service. This includes a maintenance schedule to ensure their hearing aids continue to operate at peak efficiency, annual hearing check-ups to monitor their hearing, and re-programming (fine-tuning) the sound as their needs change.

With the Binders’ family owned and operated practice, all decisions about patients’ hearing is taken care of by professionals whose top priority will always be their patients’ satisfaction. Best of all, patients will enjoy dealing with the same person every time, for years to come.

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